Somebody took a walk on my painting...

Somebody took a walk on my painting...

While introducing my husband Chris to the “camping on an island in Casco Bay (Maine)” experience, I painted this little memento en plain air from the cove by our campsite. We had planned a trip with friends from Harpswell and packed up our gear to to camp for a summer weekend on Jewell Island...a favorite spot for campers, sailors, and kayakers. Everyone who spends time in Maine knows you have to prepare for everything ~ enough layers, enough booze, enough extras for unexpected weather (ie insane downpours which most certainly occurred) and enough bug spray for those kinds that love to feed on humans like me. What I wasn't prepared for was an unexpected friend to make a physical visit to my very fresh artwork. I left it out to dry overnight (the rain had passed), but in the morning discovered that somebody slithered across it and left his footprints in the wet paint! I planned to paint over it, but then decided to leave as is ~ because doesn’t this pretty much sum up camping perfectly? ~ You gotta have fun with all the surprises!


- Most Challenging aspect of this painting experience: painting en plein air while kind of a logistical nightmare
- Biggest surprise about this painting experience: that a caterpillar left his tracks on my painting!
- Favorite part of this painting or the experience:  that a caterpillar left his tracks on my painting!
- Something I learned from this painting experience: that wildlife may get physical with a painting if given the freedom to do so.... ;)

“Caterpillar’s walk, Jewell Island.” 10x10 inches. Oil on Canvas, SOLD. 

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