I'm Anne Zimmerman, an artist based in Florida and Maine. I began my artistic journey as a graphic designer in the marketing industry before creating Coastline By Anne Zimmerman, an iconic map brand that quickly became a favorite among coastal enthusiasts.

In 2020, I added fine art to my creative process, starting with my recent collection Finding HOME, featuring paintings of nature preserves and protected coastlines near my home on the Gulf Coast. I also recently completed a painting challenge and road trip throughout Maine, which inspired my series Escape to Maine.

Through my art, I aim to provide a window into a peaceful moment in time and help others connect with nature on a deeper level. Follow me on Instagram for more, and stay tuned for my upcoming project in Cambutal, Panama, and more artwork from Florida and Maine.

"I hope my art is a window into a peaceful moment in nature. The natural world provides a connection to a deeper understanding of self, and my aim is to help make that connection for others."

"I received it yesterday - THANK YOU!! It is perfect! I am so excited for Valentine's Day this year. When our 6 year old daughter saw it she said, "Mommy, that's the drive out to the beach isn't it?"


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