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I believe great interior design seamlessly blends aesthetics with artistry and I would love to help you bring beautiful artwork into your clients' living spaces.

Art has a transformative power in any space—it's the finishing touch that turns ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. It tells a special story, brings a family history to life, celebrates a favorite place, captures a view, or showcases a carefully curated collection. 

Whether it's a residential or commercial project, I can help by providing exquisite artwork that complements and enhances your design vision.

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Finding the "pop" for your interior design

“We had the color palette and furniture for the space, we just didn’t have the "pop." This painting is the "pop" and the view is of Shell Key Preserve, right outside the window. Now, as we continue finalizing the rest of the space, the painting has inspired the palette for further artisan pieces as well as an additional gallery wall of small plein air sunset paintings, again by Anne Zimmerman Briand.”

~ Madelyn Kinemond, Interior Designer

Photo credit: Penlight Media.

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Customize a painting palette to match your interior colors

Read more about the process of creating this custom painting in specific colors for a luxury master bathroom in Tierra Verde, Florida.
Photo credit: Penlight Media.

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Enfusing the desired emotions your clients envision for their living space into a work of art:

Clients often come to me on a mission to capture a certain vibe with artwork to forever capture a favorite ritual or memory.

This commission was requested to bring the after work vibes into the home. They said, "when we cross that bridge back onto the island after work, we feel free, and we want the painting to capture that feeling."

We worked out a color palette, measured a canvas size to fit the nook where they had space, and zero'd in on a photo they loved of their favorite view from the top of the bridge to Tiera Verde.

Final results: high vibes only and mission accomplished!
Photo credit: Penlight Media

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"I’d like to take this moment to personally vouch for Anne’s stupendous work and talent! I hired Anne to paint a custom piece of a favorite scene to match the turquoise colors of my bedroom. She went on a few location scouting trips and then created a mini version to approve the colors and dimensions prior to working on the final masterpiece. I love it! It's absolutely perfect."

~ Cindy, Commission Client, Tierra Verde, FL

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