Divine Encounters: When Art Finds Its Match

Divine Encounters: When Art Finds Its Match


The process of collecting art is a journey, much like life, and every once in a while, a rare and magical moment occurs—a divine encounter between a special piece of art and its destined beholder. You may have experienced this in some way, when you feel the magic of a piece because of a story, a memory, or a coincidence. That's when the "when you know, you know," decision comes into play. 

Such was the case at the Mainsail Art Festival last spring, when my painting, Paradise, found its match with the remarkable duo of collector, Edye, and her visionary interior designer, Madelyn.

Edye and Madelyn had been perusing the maze of talent at the festival for a piece that spoke to them for hours. Booth after booth, they sought that elusive spark of inspiration. Yet, as the hours passed and fatigue began to set in, "the one" remained elusive.

My booth was last on their list, and they were getting ready to call it a day. Lucky for me, they pressed on. As they rounded the corner to my space, they immediately perked up as they saw the painting for the first time, exclaiming with all the enthusiasm every artist dreams of, "Oh my God, THAT IS IT!"

The colors, painterly textures, and the recognition of and connection to the preserve outside Edye's windows attracted them in that instant, but for Edye, the connection went even deeper. As we conversed, we realized our homes are just around the corner from each other. On top of that, more coincidences—from her hometown of Tiverton, RI, to my studies just across the bridge in Bristol, RI, where her sister also teaches—struck a chord.

From that instant, there was no doubt - they knew they had found their match. Recognizing that "Paradise" was more than just a painting, Edye and Madelyn envisioned it as the anchor for the dining space in Edye's beautiful waterfront condo.

Madelyn then meticulously wove the colors and textures of "Paradise" into the fabric of the space, each design choice carefully selected to complement the painting's beauty.

Photo Credit: Penlight Media

Reflecting on the serendipity of this story, I'm reminded of the profound impact art can have on our lives. It's more than just decoration; it's a mirror to our souls, capturing the essence of who we are and how we want to feel in a space, even capturing stories and cosmic connections along the way.

Pictured with Paradise: Edye and Madelyn. Photo Credit: Penlight Media

To see behind the scenes on my next project installation with Edye, a series of 6 paintings to be displayed behind the blue sofa in the photo below, check out my  post, "Styling a Grid Wall with Madelyn Kinemond Interiors."

Photo: Penlight Media

Thank you to Madelyn Kinemond Interiors and Edye for trusting me with this beautiful purchase. 

Special thanks to Suncoast Installs for their impeccable installation services and to Penlight Media for beautifully capturing the essence of this project through their photography.


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