Sunrise vs Sunset

Sunrise vs Sunset

If there were a contest between sunrise and sunset, which would win?

This set was inspired by a sunrise walk on Pass-A-Grille beach, followed later by a sunset bike ride around the campground at Ft Desoto.

I toned the panels with magenta and then painted the colors on top. I love how the fast, gestural brush work to work the colors in quickly brings these little minis to life. They may be small, but they are loud.

Originally I thought I would use a white frame for the sunrise and a black frame for the sunset, but they look so sharp together in the black frame, I decided to make them a pair. 

I love how the thickness of the frame brings you in deep as if you are peering out of a tiny window. The way the artwork floats is a nice effect as well, so you can see the edges and how the paint was applied to the entire panel.

To see more of these and other small, framed works, check out my Finding HOME collection.

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