View from Mt. Battie, Camden // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

View from Mt. Battie, Camden // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

For some reason, we chose the steepest trail for our Mt. Battie early morning hike, pre-coffee. It was a comedy, as my bald sneakers meant I was climbing up on all fours for most of the time, but we made it!

It was a foggy/misty morning july hike, at the tower at 8 am looking down on Camden before the town woke up. It was so quiet - no sounds yet, one sailboat motoring out to sea. I couldn't help but wonder, where are they going? Vinalhaven? Novia Scotia? France?

When I got back to my camp site in Rockport, I made this painting on the picnic table while still in my hiking gear, hoping to capture the big sky of fluffy clouds over the seamless bay. 

I used a thinner of damar varnish, linseed oil and gamsol for this one, and this painting took forever to dry. It was one of the ones that made it into one of my crazy makeshift van paint-drying chambers in one of the pantry cabinets (thought the convection oven was the best place to lay a painting and ensure nothing would touch it!)

The sky and the water was soft and grey that morning, but the yellow wildflowers were cheerfully awake when everyone else was still getting started. I loved that and was hoping to capture it here.

I can't decide which frame I like better -- white or gold? See below:

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