Creative Process

Nature’s incredible range of color and light is a constant inspiration to me. My art emerges from an insatiable desire to paint the beauty of the local landscape that captures my heart everyday.

I am an avid plein air painter, drawn to the teachings of the great outdoors. Whether bringing my paints as I kayak through the mangroves of Shell Key Preserve, or while perched on the bridge to Ft. Desoto at sunset, I seek the challenge of capturing the ever-changing light and colors in real time. This practice requires quick and decisive action, in direct response to the environment before the light dies away. I mix my colors on the spot, and allow the composition to intuitively evolve between layers of medium applied by brush and palette knife.

These outdoor studies inspire my studio practice, where I develop larger contemplative paintings. I strive to retain the looseness of the smaller works by blocking in color with large brushes and palette knives, followed by delicate, smaller brushes to evoke a sense of wonder and dreaminess. The extended studio time enables me to experiment with juxtaposing different colors to create an impression that resonates from a distance.

Painting is a therapeutic refuge for me, and I aspire for my work to hone a sense of calm and connection in others as well.

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