Denied at Mt. Katahdin // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

Denied at Mt. Katahdin // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

During the home stretch of our trip we had planned to make Baxter State Park our last big mountain stop. Much to our surprise, we were denied at the gate, which was a big misstep on our part. It turns out we were 2 feet too long and a few inches too tall for their size restrictions. 

I really wanted to see the mountain because I had never been there before and we came so far for the experience, so we went back to Millinocket for service to research how to get a good look at it from outside the gates.

One place, Compass Pond, is a good spot, according to the world wide web. So we went back towards Baxter State Park and took a left hand turn and drove 10 long miles on a crazy, long, desolate, dirt road to get to Compass Pond. 

Some of these areas in northern Maine are totally off the beaten track and this would be one of them! The whole van shook like mad, and we really really pissed off the cat, but we were on a mission! Also, kinda funny watching other vehicles like four wheelers and four wheel drive trucks and SUVs speeding by us in a cloud of dust to get to wherever they were going. Apparently the Golden Road continues on for miles...

The Golden Road, a dirt road that goes for miles and miles that was once paved, but completely covered by dirt over the years during snow storms etc. 

When we arrived at Compass Pond there was no parking lot or place to pull over. It seemed a little like it was just a thing on the map on the side of the road. Chris jumped out to see if he could get a view and came back saying, "you have to check this out." There was a little, insiders path to a tiny clearing with a view a ew steps up. 

I ran across the street, sprayed the Cedarcide everywhere and sat my bum down on the ground to grab a quickie sketch. 

Then I ran back to the van because we had some decisions to make. It was almost sunset and we needed to find a place to stay stat. We decided to cut our losses for now and head back to the coast for Acadia. Sorry Baxter, I guess we'll have to wait until next time to fully enjoy all you have to offer!

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