Discovering Rangely Lake: A Rainy, Foggy, and Artistic Adventure // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

Discovering Rangely Lake: A Rainy, Foggy, and Artistic Adventure // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

We slept in a forgotten nature preserve on the night we arrived into Rangely. It had been raining all day during our drive up to escape the heat on the coast. As we drive further north, the temperature kept ticking down. When we opened the windows upon arrival, the fresh, cool air came pouring in. It was lovely and the cat was immensely entertained by whatever wildlife he was checking out.

The next morning, we parked at the town pubic landing and I painted the rainy cloudy mist settling into the lake. It was still on and off raining and very foggy. I’ve never been to Rangely before, so I wasn’t familiar with the mountains. As the clouds came in and out, obstructing different peaks, I kept getting confused because I would paint a mountain, and then it would disappear when I looked up! Painting outside can really be a minute to minute thing.

It wasn’t summery-sunny, but rain and fog make for glorious greys, which I wanted to capture here. 
The clouds finally broke a little bit and we had an electric coral sunset. I hadn't planned to paint any more that day, but it was so interesting I ran down to the dock with a scrap of paper and some paint to try capture. It was so annoying to me after the fact how different the colors looked from the real thing. But I like this scrappy little painting anyway. :)

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