Minimalist Living and Maximum Creativity: My 'Less is More' Journey in a Van // 30 Days; 30 Paintings

Minimalist Living and Maximum Creativity: My 'Less is More' Journey in a Van // 30 Days; 30 Paintings

As I journey around, making art from a Sprinter Van, I have found that adapting our lives to this tiny dwelling has been a lot of things — exciting, fun, hilarious, annoying, frustrating and liberating. We knew it would show us how much of our material possessions we actually don’t need, simply because there is no room in a 120 sq foot dwelling for any kind of excess, but it's also shown us so much more.

Like backpacking, vanlife is a minimalists journey, and it definitely comes with its challenges and restrictions - for example hot showers are a planned event, bumping heads and stubbing toes are part of the initiation, and mini-fridge organization is a skill I have yet to master —  but despite all of that, it did not take long for us to get into the zone with this way of life.

If I get to bring my bialetti, I'm all set, sometimes it really is the simple things:

Our very spacious kitchen, living room and bedroom:

This is what cooking in our mitten-sized kitchen really looks like (and also why we are really into sandwiches lately):

Even the cat has become accustomed to his new leash life. Just look how happy he is! (Kidding, he does look a bit pissed here...)

Finding a spot for my artwork to dry is our latest exercise. Right now, they are being stored in the convection oven, in our pantry shelves, on window sills, and in the basements of friends and and family:

I am looking forward to seeing what else we decide to live without and what other efficiencies we can create. Stay tuned.

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You can also follow along more regularly on instagram here.

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