2022 Plein Air Painting Challenge: 30 Days; 30 Paintings

2022 Plein Air Painting Challenge: 30 Days; 30 Paintings

(Pinned Post) June 2022 // Hi, I'm Anne. Beginning in July, I will be on the road for a while, participating in a 30-day road trip painting challenge. My final destination is my native state of Maine, but we are taking our time, stopping along the way to hike and camp as we head north from Florida. 

After Covid, when planes were grounded and travel became complicated and stressful, we decided to get a camper van so we could travel safely and independently without the crowds. In many ways the pandemic helped us rethink a lot of things, and one thing we have realized is the speed at which we travel ~ because if you are not on the airline's schedule you get to be on your own schedule. So for this trip, we have decided to take our time to really explore the places we visit.

I've packed my travel tested painting kit and a bunch of supplies to be able to paint from my "mobile studio". I'll be criss-crossing the state of Maine from Moosehead to Monhegan to Kennebunkport. Every day I will paint something from the trip to document my journey.

I'm excited to see how this experiment unfolds, and how many paintings I can complete. Stay with me and find out!

I will be releasing this series for purchase to my subscribers plus 15% off this fall. Get on the list to get in on the art here.

First stop, DAY 1, is a cloudy, rainy, beautiful overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. To see the spot, check out my notes here

To see more recent notes from this journey, check out my art notes blog here. 


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