My Mobile Studio & Pest Control // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

My Mobile Studio & Pest Control // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

We decided to create a "mobile studio" for when I'm back at the van and need to do touch ups without being inundated by bugs, and/or so I don't get paint all over our tiny living space. We bought the “Quickset” tent/gazebo by CLAM and it's big enough that I can spread my stuff everywhere on a portable table or picnic table. It has great ventilation and lots of flaps that can stay up or come down for more light or more privacy, depending on what you are looking for. It also works excellently as the dining room, or the late night outdoor rummy room, when friends come by to visit :)  

The magnetic flyscreen by Living In a Bubble attaches to our rig with magnets and is a stellar option for when we want to keep the sliding door open, but still have a screen up to keep the bugs out. Not a bad price either. 

We also bought head/hat nets from REI for really buggy times, they do much better over a hat with a brim than just your head (otherwise, chaffing on the nose!)

In an effort to avoid Deet on our skin, we stocked up on Cedarcide, which is more effective than the other hippie bug reppellents and smells liks lumberjack cologne (pretty oily though), and Picaridin 20% - not sure if this is as safe as they claim because it works very well. 

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this post, or go here to message me your favorite place and I'll paint it!

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