Seguin Sprint 50 Mile Race: A Memorable Day of Sailing in Maine // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

Seguin Sprint 50 Mile Race: A Memorable Day of Sailing in Maine // 30 Days, 30 Paintings

On a scorching August day, I was lucky enough to crew for the Seguin Sprint 50 Mile Race, which took us from Portland Yacht Club to Seguin Island and back. My sailing skills were a bit rusty, but with the help of my friends Emilie, Melissa, and their father Sandy, who were also on board the J42 sailboat Etos XLII, we were ready to take on the challenge.

Seguin Sprint 2022 Race Course

Despite the lack of wind during the first part of the race, 
floating around in the ocean, bobbing over light swell and dripping in sweat we persevered, trying everything to coax the boat to move faster. 

"Pull this line, tighten this thing, let this sail out, what are they doing?, does anyone see any wind?, why are we stalling? where’s the wine?. Time for snacks. …"

We were rewarded for our efforts when we spotted not one, but two minke whales, as well as seals, making the day even more special. 

As we rounded the Seguin Island red buoy, the island lighthouse stood in front of us against a cotton candy sky, its little light shimmering quietly and steadfastly. The red buoy marking the island was blinking so vividly that I knew I had to capture it in a painting.

After rounding the buoy, the wind finally picked up as night fell. Our last 18 mile leg was fast as we shot over the water with a full moon above us. We crossed the finish line at midnight in front of Ft. Williams Park. 

The day was so unforgettable that it inspired me to create several paintings to commemorate it. I will be sharing them on this blog in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Below is my recollection of the hot sun, setting into the Atlantic ocean on that day. The photo taken at this moment that I used as a reference was a little lopsided - not because we were tipping but because the photo was taken quickly. I actually liked the affect, because it felt like how you see things from a boat – often from different, off center angles! 

If you're interested in reading more about my art and adventures in Maine, check out my Escape to Maine, 30 Days, 30 Paintings Challenge on Art Notes here. You can also find a list of locations and corresponding artwork for the challenge here.

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