Behind the Art: Scouting Paintings from the Sky

Behind the Art: Scouting Paintings from the Sky

In a 206 four-seater, soaring over the Florida Gulf Coast, I sat as an artist with my camera glued to the window. It's not your typical day in the studio, but then again, inspiration can strike from the most unexpected places.

We took off from Albert Whitted Airport in St. Pete, right by the Dali Museum – a city buzzing with creativity.

As we ascended, leaving the city behind, the world transformed below us. The sky stretched endlessly above, the horizon beckoning, and the Gulf Coast waters shimmering in a kaleidoscope of colors everywhere. A spectacular view and a spectacularly inspiring time.

From 10,000 feet, everything looks different – every curve of the coastline, every shade of blue, every patch of greenery. I was viewing the world through a painter's lens, with endless possibilities unfolding before my eyes. Scenes that would never be realized from the ground now begged to be captured on canvas.

The beautiful view of the coastline, seen in the photo below of the bridge to Tierra Verde and beyond. 

My bird's eye view of Shell Key Nature Preserve and Fort DeSoto was breathtaking.

The video and photos below show some of the paintings I made after returning from my Cessna-in-the-sky afternoon:

To see more art featuring Shell Key Nature Preserve, and the Florida Gulf Coast, check out this post about my recent Bunces Pass Painting inspired by the photography with permission of Kyle Henrick. 

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