Tips for Hanging the Perfect Grid Wall

Tips for Hanging the Perfect Grid Wall

As you embark on the quest for the perfect piece of artwork for your space, don't forget to consider a grid of paintings as an alternative to a single, larger painting on your wall space.

While centerpiece style paintings often dominate how we envision our walls, I want to share styling tips and further ideas another versatile and fresh approach to wall decor: the grid wall.

A grid wall is a way to uniformly showcase a series or thematic collection of paintings. Grid walls are popular with interior designers because they help bring versatility and contrast, but still look crisp and uniform, as shown in this post. Imagine a carefully curated series of small, framed paintings, all lined up in perfect rows and columns to create a stunning display within the mass space that a larger painting would hang.

This curated choice is both elegant and fresh at the same time and offers all kinds of versatility.

Why Choose a Grid Wall?
Grid walls are a great option for various spaces because they offer:

  • Versatility: Unlike large artwork, which can dominate a space, a grid wall allows for greater flexibility in composition and arrangement. With smaller framed paintings, you have the freedom to mix and match, creating unique combinations that suit your style and preferences.
  • Scalability: Whether you have a small nook or an expansive wall, a grid wall can be tailored to fit any space. By adjusting the number of rows and columns, you can scale your grid wall to achieve the perfect balance and proportion for your room.
  • Visual Impact: The uniformity and precision of a grid wall create a striking visual impact that draws the eye and commands attention. Clean lines and symmetrical layouts provide a sense of order and harmony, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • Curated Style: By selecting a grouping of paintings, you can create a cohesive and curated look that is both stylish and sophisticated. The variety of the framed pieces brings the artwork collection center stage in a clean, contemporary style, while the uniformity of the grid adds a sense of refinement and polish.

Envision Your Own Grid Wall Series:
When you are ready to get started imagining options for your space, below are a few grid layout options to consider to get the juices flowing. Keep in mind, there are many possibilities, so go with what works best for you. Here are some starting ideas:



Tips for Creating the Perfect Grid Wall
When you are ready to embrace the grid wall trend, here are some tips for creating a flawless display of paintings:

  • Plan Your Layout: Before hanging your paintings, take the time to plan out your grid wall layout. Consider factors such as spacing, arrangement, and overall composition to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design.
  • Measure Twice, Hang Once: Precision is key when it comes to hanging a grid wall. Use a measuring tape and level to ensure accurate spacing and alignment between each painting. Take your time to get it right the first time, as repositioning multiple artworks can be time-consuming.
  • Build an Arrangement Over Time: Don't be afraid to start small and build a collection over time. There are no rules! You can start with two or three pieces and build up over time, perhaps you want to select one or two paintings a season or a year - just start now!
  • Step Back and Admire: Once your grid wall is underway, take a step back and admire what you are creating. Appreciate the beauty and elegance of your curated display, and enjoy the transformative effect it has on your space.

Work With Me on a Grid Display or Commission
I offer grid wall styling consultation, measurement, and commissioned collections. If you would like to select a series for installment, or if you have a special view you want to capture in a series, or you know about my plein air sunsets and would like a series made for your space, contact me to discuss options.

Check out my current inventory of plein air paintings here.

You can also book a grid commission by emailing me at or fill out the commission request form here.

Read more about grid walls with this customer project, here.


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