View from the Gas Station, Eustis // 30 Days 30 Paintings

View from the Gas Station, Eustis // 30 Days 30 Paintings

We’ve been all over and back again, some days I don’t finish the paintings, some days I rush the colors without making things “pretty” or I grab the crappiest brushes without thinking. I've been painting on gesso board, paper, illustration board and even cardboard when I run out of supplies.…. in the case at the Eustis gas station, which looked out at Flagstaff Lake and one of the prettiest views on the entire trip, I tore off piece of paper from my brown bag lunch bag and worked out the color study in the moment for a more thoughtful painting later. 

Though many of these scrap works will not be "the final final,"
 the practice of daily painting outside is a great educator. Colors on camera are never quite the same as in real life and if you can grab a moment to just capture a color study, you will feel more prepared to work your magic! Sometimes, I go back and see the reference photos looking darker, or duller, and if I pull out my color study I often find the same colors from my memory which helps me balance my memory with the photos I use for reference.

Stay tuned for the studio version of this color study. 

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