Acadia National Park, 30 Days 30 Paintings

Acadia National Park, 30 Days 30 Paintings

During the home stretch of our trip we had planned to make Mt. Katahdin our last big mountain stop. Much to our surprise, we were denied at the gate, which was a big misstep on our part. It turns out we were 2 feet too long and a few inches too tall for their size restrictions. (Read about our Katahdin stop here.)

So, in order to make lemonade from our lemons, we decided to catch the other famous mountain. We shot down to the coast to catch a view of Cadillac Mountain (painting still to come, check back later) and figured we would finish our exploration at Acadia’s Schoodic Peninsula in Winter Harbor.

I have never been to this part of Acadia, but some park rangers along the Blue Ridge Parkway told us it was the “quiet part of Acadia.” They were correct - as we were practically the only ones we saw here.

If you are unfamiliar with this area, check out the map below to get a better idea of where Winter Harbor is in relation to Mt. Desert Island...

This painting is the view from the top of the Schoodic Head hike at the Winter Harbor branch of Acadia National Park, facing northwest into Mt Desert Narrows.

The trail was about 5 miles total into the pines along the Schoodic peninsula. As we hiked, we could hear the deep, gutteral grumblings of the lobster boat engines just off the coast, and smell the salt in the air ~ one of the best things about Maine (you never really smell salt water until you come to the north east). I like to think this painting helps capture those quintessential Maine coast moments.

"View from Schoodic Head, Acadia National Park" Oil on Panel, SOLD. 
You can buy a print reproduction of the original painting here.

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