How Vanlife Made My Summer Dream Possible

How Vanlife Made My Summer Dream Possible

Once upon a time, the mere thought of spending a summer immersed in painting while cruising the open roads, felt like an elusive dream, a whimsical fantasy.

It all started with my husband, who had been trying to convince me to get a camper van for years. I was skeptical at first – the idea of living in a tiny space, constantly on the move, cooking with minimal gear – it didn't sound appealing.

But when Covid happened and the future of travel started looking complicated, he made his big move. “It’s the perfect solution” he kept saying.... and suddenly I started to understand the possibilities. 

The van offered a front-row seat to art adventures, turning each destination into a backdrop for my landscape paintings. We already had flexible schedules and could both work from the road. So, why not?

We took the plunge, bought a sprinter van, and fast forward to now, we've been on countless road trips, navigating this tiny space with each other, a cat, and art supplies strapped down wherever they fit. I've dabbled in minimalism, both in life and in my creative process, while exploring the world from the road. It's been creatively inspiring, life-affirming, and sometimes... hilarious. But, it hasn't been without its share of logistical challenges and inefficiencies. Navigating the intricacies of problem-solving and finding moments of solitude in 120 square feet of living space have become essential skills, all while embracing the comical dance of life on wheels.

Through the twists and turns, these experiences have rekindled my love for unplugging from the cacophony of life's distractions. It's in these moments of solitude that I find clarity, hearing my own thoughts and drawing inspiration for the artwork I yearn to create. Beyond the canvas, it opens my mind to new possibilities and alternative ways of living, like envisioning artist retreats in Italy or embracing the ethos of Scott and Helen Nearing's "Living the Good Life." Living in a van and creating art? It turns out, I can do that too. These are the ideas that bring forth my most authentic expressions, and I feel honored to share them with you. Thank you for finding me and for following along. 

Read "Less is More ~ Living in a Van" to learn more about my experience adapting to life in a 120 square foot van for 2 months.

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