Artwork stolen(!) and an abstract commission

Artwork stolen(!) and an abstract commission

A long time ago, I had two large paintings stolen out of my car in Portland Maine right before Christmas. I was really hurt at the time that someone would steal the presents I had so lovingly created for my family, but I also learned to lock my doors that day-- a good lesson this Maine girl has had to learn several times in my life... Now I always wonder what happened to the paintings... were they taken by someone who loves art? Did they end up in a landfill somewhere? It’s a strange feeling to never know, but I like to think I will bump into them again someday..and hopefully I will recognize them! Lesson learned- never leave art in car, unlocked and unsupervised. 

But I digress. This commission is for friends in South Portland, Maine. They sent me the colors they like and size, and we talked about what they wanted it to feel like - ENERGETIC but SERENE...because with 3 babies, a dog, and 2 parents, we all thought some energy while working toward serene would be good.

This one’s heading off to a new home... in a fully supervised ride. 60”x40”

To read about another custom abstract commission check out this article about the dreamy blue abstract I made for this cottage style coastal home in South Carolina. 

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