Blue Abstract Commission for Cottage Style Home in South Carolina

Blue Abstract Commission for Cottage Style Home in South Carolina

Every once in a while a project comes along that just FLOWS out...this is one of those projects. I was asked by the collector to "make something abstract ~ be free!" which was so little direction it was almost too little. But she insisted and it was for a cottage style interior which I love, so I went with "free," put on some salsa music, and got down to the business of creating. I trusted that her trust in me meant that she liked my work and trusted my choices, and I ended up LOVING this project.

Since the installation I have received several requests to remake this painting.  I also offer a canvas reproduction of this painting which is a great option on a tighter budget. Premium stretched canvas reproductions can be purchased here

The last picture in this series shows an example of the giclee canvas reproduction, just out of the box and ready to hang. No frame needed.

To learn more about commission options, click here.

To read a more in depth, step by step, post about another custom commission project, you can check out this article about matching colors for a Florida Coastal Home.

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