Just us on the beach

Just us on the beach

A recent plein air session I had out at Ft Desoto became the study I used for a larger studio painting later on. I set up at the top of the fort steps just before the golden hour when the sun begins casting its beautiful warm light everywhere. On this beach, the grass turns gold in the sunlight and the contrast to the blue of the water is so yummy.

From the top of the steps I could see the tops of the palm trees below and all the way out to the end of North Beach in the distance.

As I sat working, I noticed that everyone who passed me had the same expression on their face ~ a look that said, blissed out and peaced out thanks to the beauty of the setting sun they were witnessing. It was another reminder that in a time when we are all plugged in so much, the natural world is waiting right outside the door to show us something good. 

Notice how the color changes between the moment the photo above/and painting above was taken and taking place verses the moment the photo and painting below was taken and taking place. It's so subtle, but the green grasses and palms begin turning gold and the gold begins turning pink as the sun comes further down. 

I worked up a few plein air pieces and then spent time in the studio using the small works as a study for a larger, 40x30 painting of the same subject, see below:

"Just us on the beach at Golden Hour," 40 inches x 30 inches. Oil on Canvas. SOLD.

For a look at the finished plein air painting from this session, all framed up and ready to hang, you can see it in my Finding HOME collection here.

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